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Learn the secrets of Adaptive Leadership

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Several months ago I picked up the book Leadership 2.0 by Bradberry & Greaves, mostly based on a phrase printed on the cover: “Learn the secrets of adaptive leadership”. These are the same authors that introduced Emotional Intelligence 2.0, a book that offered significant insights for me as a leader. I’m always interested in looking at things differently, so I dug into this book, excited to discover these promised secrets, and ready to transform myself as an adaptive leader.

leadership2-book-frontHere’s the premise of the book first, and in future blog entries, I’ll break down some of the concepts.

The authors identify Core Leadership skills (Strategy, Action, Results) as the “skills that get people promoted into leadership positions”. Born leaders have them, and aspiring leaders can grow them, but these skills alone do not make a great leader.

Beyond the core skills, the author’s research shows a major discovery: That “Adaptive Leadership skills are what set great leaders apart”. Here’s how they’ve broken these skills down:

  • Emotional Intelligence (Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Management)
  • Organizational Justice (Decision Fairness, Information Sharing, Outcome Concern)
  • Character (Integrity, Credibility, Values Differences)
  • Development (Lifelong Learning, Developing Others)

In addition to covering these skills, the book offers an online assessment for leaders to get a sense for their skill level, and offers practical development steps they can take to continue to grow. Over the next few weeks I’ll break down each of the Adaptive Leadership skills to better understand what these really look like in our culture, and how we can shape these skills.

More to come!


Author: Summer Miller

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